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Technical requirements for fire water crane

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Technical requirements for fire water crane

Date of release:2017-11-20 Author: Click:

Technical requirements for fire water crane manufacturers

According to the requirements of the fire department, the technical requirements for fire water cranes are as follows:

1. fire fighting water crane special purpose (special tool operation), beautiful, compact structure, easy to operate;

2. Fire-fighting cranes have good anti-freezing performance. According to the specific situation of our country, it is generally required to be between minus 50_C and above zero 50_C.

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3. the water outlet of fire water crane can be swung 0~100 degrees or 0 to 300mm.

4. the outlet of fire water crane is 3150 to 3500mm from the ground level.

5. the water addition rate of the fire water crane is not less than 0.6 m3/min, and the water output should not be lower than 30l/s (1.8m3/min).

6. under the nominal pressure, there is no leakage phenomenon in the connection point and discharge device of the water crane.

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