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Yingkou fire water crane price

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Yingkou fire water crane price

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Fire hydrant price location of underground hydrant

1. Fire hydrants should be placed in corridors or halls and other public shared space, generally in the wall of the above-mentioned space, can not do what kind of decoration, require a striking marking (indicating "fire hydrant"), and must not be placed in front of the obstacles, to avoid affecting the opening of the fire hydrant door.

2. Fire hydrants are generally not located in the room (such as a box), which does not meet the requirements of fire control, and is not conducive to the timely rescue of firefighters.

Indoor use:

1, open the hydrant door, press the internal fire button (button is the alarm).

Yingkou fire water crane price

2, a person to pick up the gun head and hose to the ignition point.


3, another person pick up the hose and valve door.

4, counter clockwise open the valve, water can be ejected. Note: electric fire should be determined to cut off the power supply.

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