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Which price is cheap for Yingkou fire water crane?

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Which price is cheap for Yingkou fire water crane?

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Yingkou fire water crane price is cheap, fire safety knowledge - fire fighting knowledge

1, find fire quickly call fire alarm 119. When giving an alarm, it is necessary to clarify the detailed address, the location of the fire, the material of the fire, the size of the fire, the name and telephone number of the alarmer, and send someone to the intersection to meet the fire engine.

2. When the gas tank is on fire, cover the fire with wet bedding, clothes and so on and close the valve quickly.

3. Household appliances or wiring fire, to cut off the power supply, and then use dry powder or gas extinguisher to extinguish the fire, not directly sprinkle water extinguishing, in order to prevent electric shock or electrical explosion injuries.

4, do not rush to open doors and windows when fighting fires, so as to prevent air convection and accelerate the spread of fire.

Knowledge of fire safety - use of dry powder extinguishers


1, before use, the fire extinguisher should be shaken several times to make the bottle dry powder loose.

2. Pull off the safety pin and press down the spray at the fire root.

3, in the process of fire fighting, it should always maintain an upright position, and should not be lying or reversed.

4, prevent relapse after fire fighting.

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