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Which is cheaper for fire fighting cranes?

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Which is cheaper for fire fighting cranes?

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Fire water crane, which is cheaper, fire safety knowledge - fire prevention knowledge

1, educate children not to play with fire, not to play with electrical equipment.

2, do not throw cigarette butts, do not lie in bed smoking.

3, do not mess up and disorderly pull wires, circuit fuses do not use copper, iron wire instead.

4, do not store more than 0.5 litres of gasoline, alcohol, tin and other inflammable and explosive materials in your home.

5, do not leave the naked flame when lighting, do not use the open flame lighting to find items.


6. Before leaving home or going to bed, check whether the electrical appliances are powered off, whether the gas valve is closed, and whether the open flame is extinguished.

7, do not litter in corridors, staircases, etc. to ensure smooth passage and safe exit.

8. Discover gas leakage, to quickly close the gas source valve, open doors and windows ventilation, do not touch electrical switches and use open flame, and promptly notify the professional maintenance department to deal with.

9, do not pour any liquefied gas residue at will.

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