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Which company does Yingkou fire fighting water crane look for?

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Which company does Yingkou fire fighting water crane look for?

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Yingkou fire water crane to find out which escape and save oneself knowledge

1, when the fire comes, we must quickly escape, do not fall in love with property.

2, family members usually have to understand the basic method of fire escape and familiarity with several escape routes.

3. When threatened by the fire, the machine should break the clothes and quilts soaked in the air and rush out to the safety exit.

4. When passing through a thick smoke, try to keep your body close to the ground and cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel.

5, when you are on fire, do not run, you can roll in place or use heavy clothing to extinguish the flames.

6, in case of fire, you can not take the elevator and escape from the safe exit direction.

7, outdoor fire, when the door has been hot, do not open the door to prevent the fire from entering the room. Use wet bedding, clothing and so on to plug doors and windows and splash water to cool down.


8. If all escape routes are blocked by fire, they should immediately return to the room and send a distress signal to the window by flashlights, waving clothes, calling and so on, waiting for rescue.

9. Never jump blindly, you can use evacuation stairs, balconies, drains and other escape, or sheets, quilts torn into strips into a rope, fastened to window frames, iron railings and other fixtures, sliding down the rope, or down to the floor without fire out of danger.

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