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Yingkou fire water crane

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Yingkou fire water crane

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The basic principle of fire fighting in Yingkou

According to the basic conditions of combustion, fire extinguishing is the process of destroying combustion conditions and ending combustion reaction. The basic principles are summed up in the following four aspects: cooling, asphyxia, isolation and chemical suppression.


1. Cooling and extinguishing: For general combustibles, one of the conditions for sustained combustion is that they reach their respective ignition temperatures under the action of flame or heat. Therefore, for a general combustible fire, the combustion reaction will stop if the combustible is cooled below its ignition point or Flash point. The main mechanism of fire extinguishment is cooling.

2. Asphyxiation fire extinguishing: All kinds of combustibles must be burned above their minimum oxygen concentration, otherwise the combustion can not continue. Therefore, by reducing the concentration of oxygen around the combustion can play the role of fire suppression. The fire suppression mechanism commonly used for carbon dioxide, nitrogen and steam is asphyxiation.

3. fire isolation: to separate the combustible from the source or oxygen, the combustion reaction will stop automatically. In a fire, closing the relevant valve, cutting off the passage of combustible gas and liquid flowing to the fire zone, opening the relevant valve, so that the liquid combustible material in the burning container or the container threatened by the fire can be diverted to the safe area through the pipeline, are all the measures of isolation and fire extinguishing.

4. Chemical suppression fire extinguishing: the use of fire extinguishing agent and chain reaction intermediates free radical reaction, so that the chain reaction of combustion is interrupted so that the combustion can not continue. The main extinguishing mechanism of commonly used dry powder extinguishing agents and halogenated extinguishing agents is chemical inhibition.

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