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The setting principle of fire water crane

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The setting principle of fire water crane

Date of release:2018-09-08 Author: Click:

The setting principle of fire water crane

1. The setting of fire-fighting cranes should be decided according to the specific development of the city as a whole. For the areas which need key fire-fighting and the areas which lack serious fire-fighting facilities, the arrangement should be emphasized in order to better prevent the occurrence of fire.

2. In the process of setting up, the site and space should be fully taken into account. It is necessary to make the fire tank car pass smoothly and ensure that no congestion and inconvenience will occur. It is also necessary to facilitate maintenance and maintenance.

3. Especially with the development of urban modernization, high-rise residential buildings, public activity areas and large-scale commercial areas are growing. It is better to install water cranes in relevant areas, and add fire hydrants according to actual needs, so as to ensure that firefighters can get water cranes within the fastest and most reasonable time range. Water.


4. In order to better ensure safety, we must ensure that there are no communication cables, large numbers and power lines within the scientific height of the crane.

5. Water cranes mostly need to be set up along the street, which needs to set up safety warning signs and anti-collision facilities from the safety point of view to ensure that there will be no safety accidents.

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