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Working principle of fire water crane

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Working principle of fire water crane

Date of release:2018-09-10 Author: Click:

Fire hydrant working principle, underground hydrant maintenance matters needing attention

1, check regularly whether hydrants are intact, whether there is rust or water leakage.

2, check whether the interface gasket is intact.

3, the fire hydrant valve stem should be filled with lubricating oil.


4, conduct regular water discharge check to ensure that the fire can be opened in time.

5. After extinguishing the fire, wash and dry the water belt, put the water gun into the box by coil or folding, clamp the water gun in the gun clip, pack the lock, change the glass, and close the door.

6. Check the coil, water gun and water belt regularly to see if they are damaged and whether the valves and coils are flexible to rotate. If problems are found, they should be checked and repaired in time.

7. Check regularly whether the fire hydrant box door is damaged, whether the door lock is open flexibly, whether the pulling ring seal is damaged, whether the water belt disc rotating frame is intact, whether the box body is rusty. Problems should be replaced and repaired in time.

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