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Summer has arrived in Liaoning fire fighting cranes, many people choose to camping in the suburbs or scenic spots, the field fire safety risks increased. How to prevent fire in star camp?

1. choose a campsite:

Near water - when a fire occurs, it is easy to get water to fight, but it is not built on the beach.

Leeward and shady can maximize the control of fire spread.

Far cliff and lightning protection are easy to ensure life safety.

2. in camping, fire prevention is also necessary. Generally speaking, tent material is not fireproof, and some of them burn up very quickly. So don't use open fire in the tent, including candles, cigarette butts don't throw on dry wood, the best lighting in the tent with flashlights or camp lights.

3. build a fire eating area: meals are usually in or near the same place as fire. This area must be at a distance from the tent area, burning the tent with the Firestar. The best place for cooking is where there are dirt and stone ridges, so as to dig a stove and build a stove. The firewood collected should be piled out of the area or in the upper wind.


4. try not to make bonfires between the hills, so as not to cause fires on Mars. There are more mosquitoes in the field, many people like to point mosquito incense when camping, at this time it is best to put mosquito incense in an iron box, with a breath hole to emit mosquito smoke, do not expose the fire outside.

5. when you put out the fire, you need to pour water first, then stamp out all the Mars, and then continue to pour more water. Try to do this several times to completely extinguish the seedlings. Make sure that all the flames and Mars have cooled down before they can leave.

We must pay attention to fire prevention, camping areas around the forest is the park, once a fire, the consequences are unthinkable.

Never leave an unattended fire.

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