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Liaoning fire water crane quotation

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Liaoning fire water crane quotation

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Liaoning fire water crane offers fire escaping skills

First, evacuate quickly.

Normally, whether at home or outside, to understand and familiarize with the environment, to pay attention to the location of the peace doors, safety exits, fire extinguishers, in order to timely evacuation and fire fighting in the event of accidents. Once you hear a fire alarm or realize that you are surrounded by fire, evacuate immediately. The flue gas is lighter than air and floats above it. When escaping, evacuate close to the ground to avoid inhaling smoke. At the same time, remember the first time to call the police.

Two, protect your mouth and nose.


Once the fire, smoke billows, smoke contains a lot of harmful substances, if inhaled excessively, people will soon faint. In addition to sticking to the ground as far as possible, it is best to protect the respiratory system. Escape can be used towel or napkin cloth, mask, clothes, etc. will cover the mouth and nose tightly, otherwise there will be poisoning and hot air burn respiratory soft tissue suffocation risk.

Three, jump off the bottom.

It is best to be able to evacuate the fire scene from the safety exit in a timely manner, and do not panic if you find yourself trapped. If you are on the second floor, you can escape, but before you escape, throw some quilts, pillows, mattresses, overcoats and other soft objects to the ground, so as to "soft landing", and then use your hands to pick up the window, body droop, natural slide, to shorten the height of the jump, quickly escape from the fire.

Four, high level sheltering.

If you are above the second floor, the more dangerous you are to jump up and escape, so in the absence of escape, you can use the toilet and other temporary shelter. In case of refuge, sprinkler doors and windows should be sprinkled and all combustibles in the room should be wetted and extended. During temporary shelters, we should take the initiative to contact with the outside world so as to be rescued as early as possible.

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