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Who chooses fire water cranes?

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Who chooses fire water cranes?

Date of release:2018-09-17 Author: Click:

Fire-fighting cranes choose whose home in autumn and winter dry weather, temperature gradually cooled, coupled with electricity, gas, heating with fire phenomenon increased, is the fire prone, frequent season. Baise fire protection reminds you of the following precautions in autumn and winter:

First, go out and remember to turn off the power supply. When you go out, please close the doors and windows, do not use electric heater, hair dryer, induction cooker and other electrical appliances in the absence of anyone, pay attention to people walking to cut off the power supply. When you go out for a long time, please turn off the main valve of water, electricity and gas.

Two, the quality of electrical appliances is the key. Do not use several kinds of power more than 1000 watts of electrical appliances at the same time, must use high-quality electrical wiring, socket switches, in order to avoid line overload caused by fire.

Three, avoid peak load reduction. It is necessary to use peak electricity instead of running a variety of electrical appliances at the same time.

Four, smoke and electricity leakage. When the wires are sparking and electricity leakage, we must turn off the switch in time, and ask the professionals to clear up the trouble.

Five, privacy is the most dangerous. Don't pull or connect wires at home. Please ask an electrician to connect the wires. Do not use copper wire or iron wire to replace the circuit fuse.

Six, hidden debris hidden dangers. Sundries are the largest flammable products. Do not pile up litter in the corridor or house, keep it clean and tidy.

Seven, cigarette butts are the most terrible. Do not smoke in bed, do not litter cigarette butts, cigarette butts and other items with fire should be completely extinguished, thrown into waste paper basket and trash can.

Eight, fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited. Setting off fireworks and firecrackers and playing with fire in houses with matches or lighters can cause fire accidents.

Nine, do not panic when finding fire. First of all, remain calm, pull the brake early and dial the 119 phone alarm.


Ten, peacetime maintenance needs attention. Gas cookers should pay attention to the usual maintenance. Once the pipeline is damaged, leakage must be repaired in time. Before going out or sleeping, check whether the electrical appliances are cut off, and whether the gas valves are closed.

Eleven, master skills and ensure safety. When the first fire occurs, keep calm and use a fire extinguisher, thick quilt or water to extinguish the fire near the burning substance. Electrical appliances must be cut off before extinguishing the fire.

Twelve, do not hide dangerous goods. No more than 0.5 litres of inflammable and explosive materials such as gasoline, alcohol and banana water can be stored at home.

Thirteen, be good at observing and protecting yourself. When entering hotels, restaurants and other public places, please pay attention to the location of evacuation passages and safety exits; in case of fire, you should identify the direction and escape in an orderly manner; when you escape, you should not greed money, do not go back to the fire to get money.

Fourteen, daily care needs to be strengthened. Take care of fire fighting facilities, do not appropriate or dismantle fire fighting equipment without authorization, do not bury pressure, occupy hydrants, do not occupy fire engine access.

Fifteen, fire equipment is often checked. Strengthen the regular inspection, maintenance and replacement of fire fighting equipment to ensure that fire can be done without a mistake.

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