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Yingkou fire water crane manufacturer

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Yingkou fire water crane manufacturer

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Yingkou fire crane manufacturer in winter, people in the family with a large number of fire, electricity, oil heating at the same time, but also increased the risk of fire; coupled with dry winter days, windy, is a fire-prone period of the year, so do a good job in winter fire prevention is very important. To this end, Hangzhou Tonglu fire friendly reminder that you should pay attention to the following six points:

First, avoid production and use fire carelessly. In winter, many household air-conditioning, stoves and other heating facilities use more frequently, slightly inadvertently easy to trigger fires; such fires are more common in agricultural production, some rural residents engaged in burning, dejection, tobacco and other agricultural production fire operations, once the combustion out of control, it is easy to trigger fires, or even cause major. Fire.

Two, avoid improper installation of electrical equipment and household appliances "sick work". Electrical line fire mainly refers to the fire caused by short circuit, overload, poor contact and other faults of electrical lines, igniting the surrounding combustible materials. One category refers to the use of electric heaters such as electric stoves, kettles, etc., due to improper use of the method or the quality of the equipment itself, resulting in fire, while the other category is television and other household appliances, due to improper use or electrical equipment internal components, circuit aging and other reasons, resulting in its failure caused by heating. Fire. Therefore, Tonglu fire warning everybody must pay attention to, household appliances failure, must be timely maintenance, must not let electrical appliances with "disease" work.

Three, avoid children playing with fire. Parents often do not pay enough attention to their children's fire prevention education, so that some children in the more combustible places to play with open flame, in the vicinity of the combustible fireworks. All of these are likely to cause fire accidents.


Four, avoid bathing clothes. Some people are accustomed to using electric heating, electric stove and other heating equipment to bake clothes. In fact, this method is extremely dangerous, not only easy to roast bad clothes, but also easy to cause fire accidents.

Five, avoid storing and using flammable and explosive dangerous goods. The inflammable and explosive dangerous goods often used and stored in the family are mainly liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, gas lighters and hair rubber moulds. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, some urban and rural households have bought cars, many rural households have also bought agricultural vehicles, trucks and other vehicles. As a result, the use and storage of dangerous goods such as liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, diesel oil, etc. also bring fire hazards to some families.

Six, avoid gas leakage. In order to ensure the temperature of the city in winter, many citizens have sealed balconies and windows, which directly caused the city air can not be exchanged with outdoor air. Once the gas and liquefied petroleum gas leak, often will cause serious consequences.

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