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Applicability analysis of fire water crane

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Applicability analysis of fire water crane

Date of release:2018-09-21 Author: Click:

Applicability analysis of fire water crane

Fire-fighting water cranes can avoid many disadvantages of outdoor and underground hydrants and replace outdoor hydrants in northern cold areas. Fire water crane has the following advantages:

(1) Good anti-freezing function: its discharge valve and water supply valve form linkage, fire water supply valve opened, water discharge valve is linked to close, start water supply, when the water supply is completed, close the water supply valve, while opening the drain valve linkage, can make the remaining water in the standpipe quickly drained before freezing, prevent The remaining water in the riser can be frozen at -40 degree.

(2) Good operability: the fire crane adopts worm drive and connecting rod drive design, so that the outlet has a swing of 0-100. The front and rear telescopic 300mm functions greatly facilitate the parking of fire engines.

(3) Excellent effluent performance: Fire-fighting water crane water injection flow at 0.4 MPa of urban tap water system

It can reach 5 to 6m 3 /min.


(4) Good and reliable guarantee: the structure of fire fighting crane is reasonable, the main control parts, such as valve body, valve stem nut and other parts are made of cast copper, which ensures that all parts are not rusted to death, improves the reliability of the equipment and facilitates maintenance.

Contrast analysis: ordinary city municipal fire hydrant diameter is 65mm, under the premise of ensuring pressure, water capacity is 10L/s, water capacity of 3T release 143 fire truck filling water needs 5 minutes; 10 tons of water of large fire truck filling water needs 16 minutes 40 seconds. If a water crane with a diameter of 150mm is filled with water for 10t, only 45s can be used. It is self-evident that its efficiency is high. It is very important to shorten the time of adding water to ensure the use of water for fire fighting. It will greatly improve the ability of fire fighting, shorten the time of fire fighting and reduce fire hazards.

Technical aspects: With the improvement of the urban water supply network, the urban water supply conditions have been greatly improved. Generally, the main diameter of the water supply pipe is more than 200 mm, which can fully meet the pressure requirements of the fire crane. Moreover, the crane construction is convenient, the pipeline is easy to discharge water, and the daily maintenance is convenient.

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