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Yingkou fire water crane manufacturer

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Yingkou fire water crane manufacturer

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Yingkou fire hydrant factory underground fire hydrant installation operation:

1. The design and selection of fire hydrant must be clearly marked cut specifications, models, if need to be heightened, should be marked with the number of high-grade.


2. after installation and test, water should be thoroughly cleaned up inside the pipeline. Prevent dirt from damaging the sealing surface.

3. hydrant is closed under normal circumstances, enabling the application of special wrench. When used, hoses should be connected well before being opened. After use, the residual water in the bolt body is drained automatically by the drain valve to prevent freezing.

4., we should check and maintain regularly. The rotating parts should be cleaned every half a year to keep the rotation flexible.

Hydrant maintenance:

Underground hydrants are usually installed in the open air, often exposed to the sun and rain, so the appearance of the paint is easy to denudate over time, resulting in rust on the surface, so the paint should be regularly renovated, in order to the Director's service life. It is also necessary to regularly lubricate the threads to avoid rust and ensure good condition.

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