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Liaoning fire water crane manufacturer

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Liaoning fire water crane manufacturer

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Liaoning fire water crane manufacturers dry air dry in winter, consume a lot of electricity and fire. Fire fighting data show that winter fires often account for about 40% of the total number of fires in the year, in which residential buildings and densely populated places are the disaster areas of fire victims. To this end, the fire department issued a winter fire safety tips, units and citizens to enhance fire safety awareness, learn and master fire fighting skills, actively prevent fire, protect life safety.

Production and operation enterprises should strictly observe the safety regulations of operation, prohibit the illegal use of oil, electricity and gas, and prohibit the illegal use of open flame operation or heating at the construction site. Units in business, production, work period to ensure that the evacuation passage, safe exit unobstructed, strictly prohibited blocking or locking.

Home should regularly check the safety of electrical equipment, to prevent short-circuit, overload caused by electricity fires, electrical equipment after use to turn off the power supply. Keep away from combustibles when using electric heating appliances such as electric heaters. Keep your clothes away from the heater when using. Pull out the plug when using up or power failure. Electric blanket should be selected to meet the safety requirements of qualified products, not long-term power, can not fold use, found that the power cord heating, softening should immediately stop using. Coal stove heating to install chimneys, away from the surrounding combustible, indoor attention to ventilation, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.


The district should keep the fire passage open, do not burn garbage and sundries in the district, do not throw unquenched cigarette butts and coal ash into the garbage can; do not stack combustibles in the residential corridor to ensure that the building passage is unobstructed; to keep the evacuation signs intact, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment in good use. Electric vehicles should not be stored in residential building halls, corridors and evacuation corridors. Electric vehicles should be charged away from inflammable and combustible materials, charging lines should have short circuit and leakage protection devices, and be charged strictly in accordance with product instructions to avoid long-term charging.

The public should develop a good habit of knowing the safe environment, the location of safety exits and evacuation corridors. In case of fire and other emergency, please exit safely from the safe exit. Fire escape to cover the mouth and nose with wet towels or clothes, bend low forward, do not breathe or shout, to prevent the inhalation of toxic gases. When the fire door can not escape, should close the smoke doors and windows, with wet bedclothes, clothes plug the door crack, send out a distress signal, waiting for rescue.

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