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Yingkou fire water crane quotation

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Yingkou fire water crane quotation

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Yingkou fire water crane quotation

Use procedure:

1. open the fire damper door, take out the water hose and water gun.


2. check whether the water hose and fittings are good, if damaged, do not use them.

3. lay the water zone in the direction of the fire to avoid twisting.

4. Connect the water belt near the end of the hydrant with the fire hydrant. When connecting, insert the connecting buckle into the chute accurately and tighten it clockwise.

5. connect the other end of the hose to the water gun (the connection is the same as the hydrant).

6. after connecting, at least 2 people clench the water gun and aim at the fire field (strictly prohibit against human beings and prevent high pressure wounding).

7. slowly open the hydrant valve to the maximum and aim at the root of the fire to extinguish the fire.

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