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Which price is cheap for Liaoning fire water crane?

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Which price is cheap for Liaoning fire water crane?

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Which price is cheap for Liaoning fire water crane?

Usage and maintenance

1. when using and storing, avoid throwing, bumping and heavy pressure to prevent deformation and difficult loading and unloading.


2. Before joining, the sliding slot and sealing position should be carefully inspected. If there are sludge and sand particles, they should be cleared as soon as possible to prevent loading and unloading difficulties and poor sealing.

3. Avoid contact with chemical drugs such as acid and alkali when storing, in order to prevent corrosion of fire-proof parts and deterioration of rubber seals.

Matters needing attention:

1. fire hydrants fire at least 3 people, 2 people hold water guns, 1 people open valves.

2. prevent the water gun from being separated from the water hose and water valve, causing high pressure water to hurt people.

3. the use of hydrant should first check whether the power has been cut off before power failure can be carried out.

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