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Liaoning fire water crane manufacturer

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Liaoning fire water crane manufacturer

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Liaoning fire water crane manufacturers fire, first alarm or first?

Usually, after a fire, the fire alarm should be carried out at the same time. Fire fighting is a matter of seconds, early warning, fire trucks will be early, put out the fire in the initial stage; delay time, small fire may become a fire, small disaster will become a catastrophe. Fire development is often unpredictable, sometimes it seems that the fire is small, think they can put out, but often due to various factors, the fire will suddenly expand, at this time the alarm, will delay the extinguishment. According to statistics, the magnitude of fire damage is closely related to the alarm sooner or later. Therefore, in case of fire, we should keep in mind the simultaneous operation of fire alarm and fire alarm.

When a fire occurs, only one person on the scene should fire for help while calling for help. If you think you can't put out the fire, you should give an alarm immediately and shout and run along the way to get help from the people.


Alarm should calmly and accurately tell the fire area, street, house number or fire unit, what is the burning substance, the size of the fire, the name of the alarmer and the telephone number used.

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