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Which is good for fire water cranes?

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Which is good for fire water cranes?

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Fire fighting water crane is a common fire fighting method.

1.Home electrical appliances fire-home TV or microwave oven and other electrical appliances suddenly smoke fire, should quickly unplug the power plug, cut off the power supply, to prevent fire extinguishing electric shock casualties; with quilt, blanket and other non-breathable items will be wrapped up, insulate the air; with a fire extinguisher, fire extinguishing agent should not be directly shot at Fluorescent screen and other parts to prevent explosion caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction.

2.Household stove fire-can use a fire extinguisher directly to the fire source spray; or pour water on the burning goods, or cover the blanket and then pour some water, fire extinguishing, still more water, to cool it, prevent re-ignition.

3. Kitchen oil pan on fire - - at this time must not pour water into the pan, otherwise cold water meets high temperature oil, there will be frying pan, oil fire everywhere splashing, resulting in increased fire, casualties. Should: Turn off the gas main valve immediately, cut off the gas source, and then use a fire extinguisher on the edge of the pot or wall spray fire extinguishing agent, so that it reflects to the fire; or cover the pot with a large pot, or covered with soaked towels, or pour a large amount of vegetables, so that the oil temperature is reduced, put out the fire.

4. Fixed Furniture on Fire - When fixed furniture is found on fire, the combustible and inflammable materials should be removed immediately. If there is a fire extinguisher in the house, the fire extinguisher can be picked up and sprayed at the fire furniture. If there is no fire extinguisher, you can use buckets, basins, rice cookers and other water to put out, for time, put out the fire in the bud.


5. Clothes and hair on fire - clothes and hair on fire, do not panic, run, do not beat, lest the wind help the fire, make the combustion more vigorous, or ignite other combustibles. Leave the fire immediately, then lie down on your back, roll your body over your face with your hands, or press it against the wall with heavy clothes to extinguish the fire; if there is a pool nearby, or if there is water in the bathtub at home, jump in and extinguish the flame by cooling the water. When your hair is on fire, you should be calm and calm. Cotton clothes or towels, schoolbags and so on should be quickly put on the head, then watered to extinguish the fire.

6.Curtain fabric on fire-watering hours is the most effective, should be in the flame above the arc sprinkle water; or with a wet broom to beat the flame; if water is too late to extinguish the fire, you can tear the curtain off, with the foot to stamp out.

7. gasoline and gas ignition - turn off the valve quickly, put out a fire extinguisher, and use a fire extinguisher immediately. If there is no fire extinguisher, or use sand to put out, or soak the blanket, covering the object of fire, but must not be watered, otherwise the oil floating on the water will continue to burn, and with the water spread everywhere, expanding the burning area, endangering the safety of the surrounding.

8. the ignition of alcohol solution can be extinguished with sand or covered by fire with sack, quilt and so on. If there is an anti foam foam extinguisher, it can be used to extinguish fire. Because ordinary foams, even when sprayed on alcohol, do not form a layer of air-insulating foam on the surface of the alcohol. Therefore, for the solution of alcohol and other fire, the first choice is to use the anti foam foam extinguisher.

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