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Which company does Liaoning fire fighting water crane look for?

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Which company does Liaoning fire fighting water crane look for?

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Liaoning fire water crane search for common knowledge of fire and self rescue

Escape from self-help, need skills, time is life, self-help to survive the author is now based on the usual grasp of the relevant methods to provide the following comprehensive escape methods for reference.

1. If the clothes on the body, due to static electricity or inadvertent smoking, causing fire, should quickly take off or tear off clothes, or roll in place to extinguish the fire, but pay attention not to roll too fast. Do not run in a fire suit. If there is water can be quickly watered out, but the human body is burned by fire, must not be watered with water to prevent infection.

2. If the dormitory, classroom, laboratory, hall, hotel, restaurant, canteen, bath, supermarket wait for fire, can use the following methods to escape.

(1) towel and handkerchief cover the nose.1535943834685624.jpg

Because of the characteristics of high temperature, high toxicity, less oxygen, and more carbon monoxide, smoke from the fire site is liable to cause respiratory burns or nerve center poisoning after inhalation, so wet towels or handkerchiefs should be used to cover the mouth and nose during evacuation (but towels and handkerchiefs should not exceed six layers thick). Attention: do not evacuate along the wind. You should quickly escape to the upper wind to avoid the harm of pyrotechnics. Because of the characteristics of too much smoke gathering in the upper space and spreading fast upward and slowly transversely when a fire breaks out, do not walk upright, bend or creep forward, but do not creep forward in LPG or urban gas fires.

(2) cover the body armor.

Cover the body with wet cotton coats, quilts, door curtains, blankets, sacks, etc. After determining the escape route, rush out of the fire as quickly as possible to reach a safe place, but pay attention to covering the nose and mouth to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

(3) sealing method.

If the corridor or to the door, next door fire is relatively large, can not be evacuated, can be returned to a room, can be sewn with towels, blankets, quilts, mattresses or other fabrics sealed to prevent heating, can be continuously watered to cool. Prevent external flame and smoke intrusion, so as to suppress the spread of fire speed and prolong the time.

(4) toilet asylum act.

In case of fire, there is no way to escape. Because of the high humidity and low temperature in the bathroom, water can be sprinkled on the door and on the ground to cool down. Water can also be sprayed out of the door to cool down or control the spread of fire.

(5) fire escape method for multi-storey buildings.

If a multi-storey building is on fire and the smoke on the stairs is particularly intense, the balcony, slippers and awnings of the building can be used to escape, ropes and fire hoses can also be used, or sheets can be torn into a connection instead, but one end is tightly tied to the pipe of a solid heating system or to the hook of a radiator (the hook of a heater) and the door. The window or other heavy objects are sliding down the rope.

(6) forced to escape from the building.

If the above-mentioned self-rescue measures are unconditionally adopted, and the time is very urgent, the threat of fireworks is serious, forced to jump, low-rise buildings can use this method to escape, but first throw some quilts, sofa mats on the ground to increase the buffer, and then hand-held windowsill sliding down to reduce the height of the jump, and ensure that both feet fall first. Ground.

3, the fire rescue method.

When a fire breaks out, a loud call can be made from windows, balconies, balconies, roofs, roofs or shelters to strike metal objects, throw soft and soft objects, hit flashlights at night, lighters and other items to send out a distress signal. It caused the attention of rescuers to win time for escape.

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